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Cabinet Descriptions
W930 Wall 9"x30"
W1230 Wall 12"x30"
W1530 Wall 15"x30"
W1830 Wall 18"x30"
W2130 Wall 21"x30
W2430 Wall 24"x30"
W2730 Wall 27"x30"
W3030 Wall 30"x30"
W3630 Wall 36"x30"
W3330 Wall 33"x30"
W3930 Wall 39"x30"
W4230 Wall 42"x30"
W936 Wall 9"x36"
W1236 Wall 12"x36"
W1536 Wall 15"x36"
W1836 Wall 18"x36"
W2136 Wall 21"x36"
W2436 Wall 24"x36"
W2736 Wall 27"x36"
W3036 Wall 30"x36"
W3336 Wall 33"x36"
W3636 Wall 36"x36"
W3936 Wall 39"x36"
W4236 Wall 42"x36"
W942 Wall 9"x42
W1242 Wall 12"x42
W1542 Wall 15"x42
W1842 Wall 18"x42
W2142 Wall 21"x42
W2442 Wall 24"x42
W2742 Wall 27"x42
W3042 Wall 30"x42
W3342 Wall 33"x42
W3642 Wall 36"x42
W3942 Wall 39"x42
W4242 Wall 42"x42"
W3015 Wall 30"x15"
W3018 Wall 30"x18"
W3021 Wall 30"x21"
W3024 Wall 30"x24"
W3312 Wall 33"x12"
W3315 Wall 33"x15"
W3318 Wall 33"x18"
W3321 Wall 33"x21"
W3324 Wall 33"x24"
W3612 Wall 36"x12"
W3615 Wall 36"x15"
W3618 Wall 36"x18"
W3621 Wall 36"x21"
W3624 Wall 36"x24"
WR3312 Wall Regrid. 33"x12"x24"
WR3315 Wall Regrid. 33"x15"x24"
WR3324 Wall Regrid. 33"x24"x24"
WR3612 Wall Regrid. 36"x12"x24"
WR3615 Wall Regrid. 36"x15"x24"
WR3618 Wall Regrid. 36"x18"x24"
WR3621 Wall Regrid. 36"x21"x24"
WR3624 Wall Regrid. 36"x24"x24"
WBC2730 W. Blind Corner 27"x30"
WBC2736 W. Blind Corner 27"x36"
WBC2742 W. Blind Corner 27"x42"
WDC2430 W. Diag. Corner 24"x30"
WDC2436 W. Diag. Corner 24"x36"
WDC2442 W. Diag. Corner 24"x42"
WDC2442w/MD W. Diag. W/Glass 24"x42"


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